Third Sector Australia Ltd (3SA) is a registered charity and not-for-profit community services organisation.  We operate an integrated suite of disability, mental health, homelessness and domestic and family violence social support and residential care programs. Our portfolio of service offerings are designed around four pillars essential to achieving independence and wellbeing – Housing, Employment, Everyday Life and Community Engagement. 

As a registered NDIS provider in both New South Wales and Queensland, we have maintained a strong presence in six key regions over the last 30 years, offering targeted programs to meet the needs of the communities we support. Our service design is based on research driven innovation that strives to find new and better ways to support our client’s to achieve their goals.

The support we provide each client is flexible and focused on their individual needs throughout their wellbeing and independence journey.  We operate a number of successful social enterprises and a large portfolio of properties including:

  • social and affordable housing;
  • short and long term specialist disability accommodation;
  • short term respite and transitional accommodation for individuals with a mental health diagnosis who are ready to step down from hospital;
  • and crisis accommodation for victims of family and domestic violence.

Our Purpose

3SA exists to provide support for people in need. We aim to extend the breadth and reach of our services in the communities we support and to assist our clients to achieve sustainable independence and wellbeing by:

  • Maintaining a client-centric service delivery culture that aligns our programs with the needs of our clients and the communities we support
  • Maintaining our solid foundation in grass roots community services
  • Focusing on raising the standards of service delivery internally and across the sector
  • Seeking diverse revenue streams and government funding for refinement of systems, resourcing and programs to ensure excellence of care
  • Exploring growth opportunities including partnership merger models in services and social enterprises
  • Investing in innovation

NDIS Readiness

3SA made substantial investment into preparing for the NDIS, ensuring our products, services and related processes were well embedded prior to the rollout in July 2017.

As the NDIS matures, we will continue to diversify our product offerings and investing in innovation and growth to ensure we continue to provide best practice supports to each of our clients.

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To succeed in the evolving community services environment, we have invested substantial time and effort reviewing whole-of-business technology solutions and developing process innovations to improve the impact of our frontline support.

We aim to be an industry leader, to support smaller grass roots providers to maintain service delivery in their local community, to continue to develop and maintain alliances, and to invest in research that informs industry best practice.

We provide frontline staff and Management with a suite of training opportunities, including Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, and tools to ensure they can deliver essential supports where and when they are needed.

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