The 3SA brand’s story spans over 3 decades –

Our brand story speaks to a long-term commitment of supporting vulnerable people, providing quality care and critical support, and bringing about real change and greater inclusion within our communities. At our very heart, we remain a collaborative organisation – a true aggregation of support groups and service providers who are driven by the same objective – to support and improve the lives of those who need help most in our communities.

Third Sector Australia (3SA) has two main trading brands: On Track Community Programs (OTCP), and the Casino Neighbourhood Centres (CNC). Together we are the leading provider of mental health, disability and homeless support services from Coffs Harbour north to Hervey Bay and west to Grafton and Casino.

Tweed River Valley Fellowship (TRVF) 

Our brand and organisation had its roots in a small welfare action group that branched into a community based service managed by a committee of consumers, carers, local government and community minded citizens. TRVF’s service offerings – including the provision of housing, outreach and rehabilitation options for people living with a mental health illness – are still core to our business, yet we have expanded both our reach and the areas we support.

1986: TRVF Incorporated

1996: Opened the Tweed Connections Centre

1999: Added Crisis Accommodation Service

2002:  Additional group home (DADHC)

2004:  Name Change to OTCP


2004: TRVF changed names to OTCP

By 2004, we were ready for a name change and a fresh approach and became On Track Community Programs Inc and in 2010 On Track Community Programs Ltd. It was during these years we saw rapid expansion of our client-base and became motivated by community engagement strategies – proactively influencing and educating politicians, senior bureaucrats, media and the community on the range of issues faced by people who are disadvantaged by disability, mental illness, unemployment and homelessness.

2007: Expanded the Mental Health Programs to Coffs & Lismore

2009:  Expansion of HASI, DHASI & ADE Programs

2010: Additional Community Housing Service and Homelessness Programs

2013: Mental Health Respite Carers Support Project

our motto was “Connecting people to their Communities”, demonstrating our early understanding of the importance of community inclusion for our more vulnerable. We expanded our footprint to include southern Queensland and extended our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Casino community rallies together

1981: commences as a volunteer service

providing information to the local community on support services available in the Casino area.

1984: Established at Walker Street

1988: Casino Neighbourhood Centre (CNC) becomes an incorporated body.

the first GM is appointed and they receive funding to provide emergency relief and medical transport. From this point forward CNC has seen rapid growth, developing into a multi-purpose Community Hub providing an extensive range of services and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the Casino community.

1992: Young Women’s accommodation service

1994: Respite Care service

1995: REAL: Day Service Activities

2000: Community Development Project

2001: Family Disability Support Service, Vacation Care

2002: Aboriginal access service

2006: Links Program

2007: Brighter Futures at Hickey Street

2009: Aboriginal Social Support Service

2010: Casino Community Gardens

2015 Move to Canterbury Street

2016: CNC merges with 3SA.

to be NDIS ready and fully equipped, Management Committee recognised there was a strategic advantage to merging with a like-minded organisation where they could gain the benefits of administrative efficiencies, larger market and community presence, stronger lobbying position and competitive advantage as some of the larger for-profit organisations enter the market.