Clients with complex needs require a diversified approach to address multiple issues and help them maintain quality of life. Clinical support programs require collaboration, often between multiple medical disciplines, the client and their family or support network in order to set achievable goals.

Depending on each client’s individual needs, they may respond well to supports of a clinical nature, including:

  • Behavioural support – working to modify challenging behaviours
  • Occupational and physiotherapy – enabling physical participation in everyday life
  • Speech pathology – promoting the understanding and usage of language and interaction
  • Psychology and counselling – working in conjunction with Behavioural Support Specialists to improve behavioural and emotional wellbeing
  • Specialist clinical nurses – advice on complex health issue management and medication

Third Sector has adopted a Clinical Supervision Framework that allows us to collaborate with practitioners to holistically support the well-being of clients, assuring sustainable outcomes.

All clinicians and support staff complete Therapeutic Intervention training (T.C.I.), a trauma-informed crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach staff how to de-escalate potential crisis, to safely and therapeutically manage crisis situations, and be able to work with clients to help them improve their coping strategies.

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