Participation in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is subject to specific criteria which can vary depending on where you live, your residency status, age and disability.

If you have a permanent disability requiring lifetime support, and cannot participate effectively in social and economic life without assistance from either aides or equipment, you will be eligible for some form of assistance through the NDIS.

NDIS will also fund support where a person’s impairment is deemed likely to benefit from early interventional care, treatment or other services that are not able to be funded through another service system.

Once you’ve confirmed you live in an NDIS service area and meet the necessary criteria, you may apply to join the NDIS. You’ll need to complete an access request form with all relevant information and evidence about your disability or impairment. Once submitted, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) must respond to you within 21 days.

If you currently receive support services, you may be automatically eligible to transition across to the NDIS. In this case, an NDIA representative will contact you and be able to assist with setting up your first plan.

Part of what we do is ensure you understand all the options available to you, how you can maintain relationships with the service providers you know and trust, and assist when you might want to consider a new support opportunity that may better suit your needs.


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