As an NDIS participant you have choice and control over how your NDIS funding is spent.

Plan Management is the management of your NDIS budget. As with Support Coordination, you will need to ensure that you request third party plan management funding be included in your NDIS plan.

Choosing how your NDIS budget is allocated is an important decision, as is who will pay all the invoices you receive for your support services.  You can choose to appoint a registered third party plan manager, self-manage or have the NDIA manage your budget.

As a registered third party Plan Manager, 3SA’s friendly and experienced Plan Management team will work closely with you to reduce the pressure on you to manage your funds in accordance with the NDIS requirements.

Consulting with either yourself or your Support Consultant, your dedicated 3SA Plan Manger will ensure:

  • your NDIS budget is managed appropriately and you are kept informed of your overall spend;
  • the invoiced rates match the quote;
  • that you have received all of the services invoiced by the provider;
  • the provider invoice is paid on time; and
  • all your receipts are uploaded to the NDIS portal within the required timeframe.

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