Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution within our communities and play an important role by supporting us across our key service streams in a variety of functions.

If you are considering volunteering, you’ll get the opportunity to work throughout our service areas providing support for activities such as educational programs, computing assistance, administration, recreation or other areas that make use of your skillset. You’ll also be rewarded with helping to make a difference and provide community inclusion opportunities to those most in need.

3SA also support students entering the workforce to gain valuable work and life experience through our student placement programs. Learn more…

“I would definitely recommend working at the Repsychlers op shop, it helps your mental health, gives you a sense of purpose.

I’m very happy here and will be here for another nine years, hopefully.”

RonanOTCP client, Tweed Heads

“People might not have worked ever before in their lives and they come here and find they’ve actually got good skills that they didn’t even recognise themselves.

It’s a safe place for people to work, they know they are understood.”

JennyRepsychlers op shop manager, Tweed Heads

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